12 Jul 2010

Solomons police commissioner ready for elections

9:14 am on 12 July 2010

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner says he's not expecting next month's national election to bring a repeat of the riots that marred the last election.

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says the Royal Solomon Islands Police and the Participating Police Force from the Regional Assistance Mission will be increasing security in the country for six weeks from July the 21st.

He says police officers will be present at about 900 polling booths, counting stations and other locations during the August 4th election.

He says the police have been out talking to potential troublemakers to ensure there's no repeat of the rioting that erupted in Honiara two weeks after the 2006 election.

"We're not expecting issues but again we have to be prepared, 2006 was a bit of an aberration in the sense that there hadn't been any issues around election time before. But we want to make sure there is absolutely no repetition of the nonsense that occurred back in 2006."

Peter Marshall says he's confident police can handle any situation that does arise.