23 Jul 2010

Samoan family in US accused of extortion

10:15 am on 23 July 2010

A U.S. naval officer in the state of Minnesota and his Samoan wife and sister-in-law have been accused of extorting 185,000 us dollars from family members by telling them they would be killed by the Samoan mafia if they didn't pay his debts.

Lieutenant Commander David Rosetter, his wife Laumatafiafia Rosetter,

and her sister Vatauomalao Tafaoa have pleaded not guilty to federal

extortion charges stemming at the federal court in Saint Paul,


The alleged plot ran from January through June 2007 when the trio all resided in Hawai'i.

David and Fia even traveled to American Samoa at one time during the plot and claimed to be under protection by the Samoan mafia, according to court documents.