2 Aug 2010

Misunderstanding leads to Fiji website shutting down

4:12 pm on 2 August 2010

Fiji's interim government is denying any involvement with taking a news website offline.

The Fijilive website was down over the weekend, at the same time the editor was taken in for questioning, over a report alleging the Commissioner of Police, Esala Teleni, had been arrested.

The permanent secretary for information, Sharon Johns, says Fijilive's lawyers, under the impression it was not registered with the Government, advised it be taken down.

"It was a big misunderstanding obviously, between themselves and the lawyers. The lawyers called the attorney general's office this morning, and the attorney general's office told them, no, the website is fine to go up, we have not asked you to take it down, and yes, you had registered."

Sharon Johns.

The website is now functioning again.

Meanwhile police have denied that Commissioner Teleni has been arrested.