12 Aug 2010

New Pacific media group stresses it'll have no relationship with PINA

3:46 pm on 12 August 2010

One of the founders of a new media organisation says it will have no relationship with the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA.

This week's establishment of the Pacific Media Association follows the failure by PINA to speak out on issues such as the Fiji media decree.

The editor of the Cook Islands News, John Woods, who resigned last month as vice-president of PINA, says it has been reduced to a handful of members, mostly in Melanesia, and the industry needs to unite.

"This is a new entity, with a new approach, with a real commitment to the core values of transparency, press freedom, and so on, which PINA has lost, and is now denying. So we're in no way going to have a relationship."

John Woods says the new grouping will have a heavy focus on training.