19 Aug 2010

Solomons' Prime Ministerial candidates revealed tomorrow

6:28 pm on 19 August 2010

The leader of the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement says the political grouping it has formed following the general election has not yet discussed who it'll put forward as Prime Minister.

Parliament is to meet next Wednesday for the first time since the election two weeks ago, and will choose a leader.

The party is part of a faction built around the Solomon Islands Democratic Party of Steve Abana and Mathew Wale.

The group has lost one key member to the other side, Gordon Darcy Lilo, but the Party for Rural Advancement's leader, Job Dudley Tausinga, says the group should be able to form a government.

"At the moment we are consolidating, and I think we have the numbers. But tomorrow you should know who the likely candidates are. Tomorrow nominations will be closed, and then you'll have the candidates."

Job Dudley Tausinga says it is important to give MPs time to decide what to do, especially with 25 new members.