23 Aug 2010

New approach advocated to overcome domestic violence in the Marshall Islands

7:35 pm on 23 August 2010

The lobby group Women United Together Marshall Islands is pushing for a new policy to ensure domestic violence cases are dealt with in full.

The move comes amid an investigation into a man who is charged with allegedly stabbing his wife to death last week.

A spokesperson for Women United, Dr Hilda Heine says the group is fighting for a no-drop policy in domestic violence cases.

"When there is a reported case and then after a while the woman decides to drop the case; there's reconciliation then they want to drop the case and so the legal system doesn't move forward. If we have a no-drop policy, then if the abused person decides not to move forward with the case, then legal authorities can still move forward and prosecute the case."

Hilda Heine says it is also calling on the President to set up a task force involving churches, women's groups and hospitals to tackle the issue together.