31 Aug 2010

Solomons' police say killing inquiry not hampered by Tongan soldiers' non co-operation

7:36 pm on 31 August 2010

Tongan authorities say they will conduct their own investigations into the recent shooting death in Solomon Islands of a former police officer from Guadalcanal Province.

The man died from a bullet wound after two Tongan soldiers, who were part of a larger group of Regional Assistance Mission soldiers, and local and regional police, who attended brawl in the west of Honiara.

The Police Commissioner in Solomon Islands, Peter Marshall, says despite not being able to talk to the soldiers involved investigations into whether or not a crime was committed can continue:

"We certainly have enough information to go on and to continue investigating and we will take it as far as we can. We will summarise the investigation in due course, and that might take a number of weeks and we will present it to the director of public prosecutions for his assessment in terms of our recommendations."

The Solomon's Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall,

Along with the police investigation in Solomons and any investigation in Tonga, Ramsi are still conducting their own internal review