15 Sep 2010

Calls in American Samoa for donations to go to tsunami victims

9:45 am on 15 September 2010

There are more calls to have money that was privately donated for the tsunami relief efforts in American Samoa to be given directly to the victims of the tsunami.

512,000 US dollars was privately donated to go those affected by the tsunami but none of that money has been distributed.

Lawmakers Vaiausia Yandall and Taotasi Archie Soliai have asked, through a house resolution, for the immediate dispersal of the donations to victims.

Trudi Sala with Watchdog group, Common Cause, says she does not understand why it has taken a year to come up with a procedure to compensate people when there is money just sitting there.

"Even if they don't give the cash but can set it up with vendors where people can buy materials to rebuild or furniture to replace. Nobody wants to make money off this stuff. They're truly victims and a year later they're still victims, that's a crying shame."

Trudi Sala with Watchdog group, Common Cause.

Catholic Social Services says even many of the families, who have qualified for federal assistance, remain homeless and living in tents due to the slow rebuild.