17 Sep 2010

Tuvalu on track for new government by month end

12:24 pm on 17 September 2010

It is hoped a government can be formed in Tuvalu before the end of the month.

Ten former MPs, including the former Prime Minister, Apisai Ielemia, have been returned in yesterday's election.

The ministers of finance, health and foreign affairs were also returned, along with the Speaker.

About 6,000 people were registered to vote in the election.

The Secretary to Government, Panapasi Nelesoni, says everything ran smoothly on election day, and the votes were counted quickly.

"Some MPs will start travelling to the capital this weekend, and the rest will be here early next week. As soon as they are all here they will be working to form a new government, and hopefully they'll be able to form a new government before the end of the month."

Panapasi Nelesoni says numbers on voter turnout will be available next week.