21 Sep 2010

Niue raises funds for Canterbury quake victims

1:34 pm on 21 September 2010

A radiothon in Niue has raised almost 3,000 US dollars for earthquake damaged Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.

The fundraiser was launched two weeks ago by the Niue Broadcasting Corporation through Radio Sunshine and will close on Friday.

The Director of the Community Affairs Department Fapaoi Akesi says residents in Canterbury raised funds to help Niue recover from Cyclone Heta in 2004.

He says the government felt the need to return the favour.

"We are closely associated with New Zealand and we felt sort of obligated not only to pay back the generosity to Christchurch people in 2004 but also we have a close relationship with New Zealand itself because we are New Zealand citizens."

Fapaoi Akesi says the government hopes to raise 7,000 US dollars for Canterbury.