27 Sep 2010

Save The Children Fiji backs tobacco curbs

8:24 am on 27 September 2010

Save the Children in Fiji is welcoming moves to tighten tobacco laws and says taking up smoking is not a choice children should be facing.

The 1998 Tobacco Control Act is being amended with stricter controls on selling cigarettes to under eighteen-year olds.

The head of Save the Children in Fiji, Chandra Shekhar, says students' health and education can suffer if they take up smoking.

"Consumption of cigarettes can relate to other proper substance abuse, and er it's going to adversely affect the children. And to keep them safe and let them to concentrate and to facilitate their education, I think its very important. And its not only the responsibility of the government, but I think of the society, the parents and everybody that we should ensure that our children don't get into this bad habit."

Chandra Shekhar says parents need to stop sending children to buy cigarettes for them and could consider giving up smoking themselves.