27 Sep 2010

Samoa Party disbands to join Tautua Samoa

11:15 am on 27 September 2010

The Samoa Party has confirmed that it has disbanded, with all its candidates running under the Tautua Samoa Party banner in next year's general elections.

The Samoa Party president, Feo Nemaia Esau, says a united opposition has always been their goal, irrespective of what name they came under.

Feo says there were extreme challenges in achieving the goal of unity, but their guiding principle is to follow what is best for the country.

Feo, who is a former cabinet minister of the ruling Human Rights Protection Party, says the HRPP made good decisions in government but unfortunately has made many decisions against what the name human rights protection stands for.

He says this has harmed the health of democracy.

Feo has also accused the HRPP of failing to improve the finances of most of the people, particularly families in villages who have no regular sources of income.

HRPP holds more than a two thirds majority in the 49-seat parliament.