30 Sep 2010

Honiara hydro project could kickstart other Solomons schemes

10:59 am on 30 September 2010

A Solomon Islands government official says a hydro electric scheme on the Tina River near Honiara may kickstart other similar schemes.

A three-day workshop to discuss the outcomes of a feasibility study for the scheme - the Tina River Hydropower Development Project - finishes today.

Gareth Penhale of the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electricification says the project isn't likely to be completed until 2015 but will reduce the country's reliance on imported diesel for power generation.

"The project is one of the key projects for Solomon Islands. Hydro is such an advantage here because of the abundant source of rain. We have 12 metres of rain in the mountains a year which is huge and it's really a natural resource that the Solomon Islands can use, not just for this project, it may be a kickstart to other hydro projects within Guadalcanal and also the other islands as well."