5 Oct 2010

Security check dispute at Papua airport leaves one dead

10:12 am on 5 October 2010

A security check dispute at an airport in Indonesia's Papua region has left one man dead and at least three others injured.

An official says police stationed at an airport in Wamena district had wanted to check two bags arriving from Jayapura district but were refused permission.

Police say locals then attacked police with sharp objects and stones.

The official said in that situation, police had to open fire.

He added three people were arrested for allegedly attacking the police.

Papuan tribal representative Dominikus Sorabut, from the Papuan Customary Council, said the locals were members of the council's security body and the bags had only contained berets.

Last month police killed two men and wounded a woman after a dispute over a traffic accident spun out of control in West Papua province.