8 Oct 2010

American Samoa business pleased with new cannery deal

10:26 am on 8 October 2010

The chairman of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says the signing of a deal with one of the world's largest tuna suppliers, Tri Marine International, will boost employment and confidence in the territory.

The American Samoa government and Tri Marine International agreed in talks in Hawaii that the company will take over the premises of the Chicken of the Sea Samoa Packing cannery.

The plant had closed in September last year, resulting in the loss of more than 2,000 jobs.

Joey Cummings says this week's signing is welcome as negotiations have been going on for some time.

"We are certainly welcoming both the commerce of having Tri Marine doing business on our island. and while it's not a magic bullet that will solve all of our problems from an economic standpoint, Ive got to say it's going to be a real boost in consumer confidence."