8 Oct 2010

Digicel still confident it can operate in French Polynesia despite legislative setback

4:02 pm on 8 October 2010

Digicel says it's confident it can still enter the mobile phone market in French Polynesia despite the latest obstacle to its bid.

After the legislative assembly passed a bill putting a 35-percent ceiling on any foreign investment in that sector, Digicel has put its bid to enter the Tahitian market on hold.

Digicel's project was to involve about 80 percent of foreign funds.

The head of public relations for Digicel Pacific, John Corcoran, says the company will take time to review the implications of the legislation.

"Digicel Tahiti was given foreign investment approval in 2009. In February 2010 we were awarded an operator's license by the government, and in July this year we were given a frequency authorisation again by the government. We are confident that we can overcome the obstacle and return to full rollout mode in Tahiti as soon as possible."

Digicel's John Corcoran