12 Oct 2010

Cooks lagoon woes a priority for election candidate

2:04 pm on 12 October 2010

An independent election candidate in the Cook Islands, Teariki Matenga, says upgrading sanitation systems in the Titikaveka area to prevent any further pollution of the lagoon is an immediate priority.

He says the Titikaveka Lagoon has become so polluted that it is now a serious health hazard.

Mr Matenga says the government hasn't done much to deal with the problem because of fears it could damage tourism.

He says if he gets into parliament, he wants to start building new sanitation and septic systems for households.

"We've been trying to identify the reasons, the causes, as to why there's damaging effects in our lagoon, and it's been identified, as raw sewerage. And its not just human sewerage, you've got animal sewerage as well now from piggeries and domestic farmers in the Titikaveka area. Now my aim is to ensure there's no progress or more further damage into the lagoon condition right now and we need to put a stop to it."

Teariki Matenga.