15 Oct 2010

NZ gives 10.3 million US dollars to USP

4:26 pm on 15 October 2010

The University of the South Pacific has received 10.3 million US dollars from New Zealand to support the implementation of its Strategic plan 2010-2012.

In addition to the funding agreement, 185 students are studying at the USP under New Zealand Government scholarships for 2010.

The New Zealand Acting Head of Mission in Fiji, Philip Taula, says the financial support is part of an on-going commitment by New Zealand to support the university.

"Our funding will be used to support the budget of the university, focussing on enhancing teaching, learning outcomes and improved governance, planning, evaluation and that sort of thing. The overall idea is to improve the development outcomes of the region through providing assistance to the Premier in an educational institute in the region."

Philip Taula says New Zealand's financial assistance is important as it enables students to get higher education and gain the ability to contribute to economic development in their own country.