1 Nov 2010

Marshalls seeks funding for Majuro sea wall

2:35 pm on 1 November 2010

The Environment Protection Authority for the Marshall Islands says there is an urgent need for a sea wall on the capital, Majuro, to stop erosion and flooding.

The Marshall Islands is seeking 20 million US dollars in aid money to help build about five kilometres of sea walls in the capital.

Virtually all of the Marshall Islands is a little more than a meter above the high tide mark.

The deputy general manager for the Environment Protection Authority, Lowell Alik, says the plan is to build a sea wall on Majuro first, before doing the same on the other populated atoll of the Marshalls.

"Just to save the island from eroding and keep it a bit longer and try to sustain it a little bit longer. For example if we were to have ten more years on our lifespan, it would probably add another ten."

Lowell Alik says it could take up to three years to build the first seawall.

The United Nations ambassador for the Marshall Islands, Phillip Muller, is spearheading the international donor funding project.