4 Nov 2010

Diabetes expert calls for American Samoa ban on fat food imports

11:12 am on 4 November 2010

American Samoa's coordinator of the Diabetes Control and Prevention Programme says the territory should follow the example of Samoa in banning the importation of high fat content foods.

Dr Faiese Robie made the call as the territory marks Diabetes Awareness Month, promoting healthy eating and increased physical activity.

She says the government should enact policies that promote healthy foods and cut down the importation of food that contribute to obesity, which is a leading cause of diabetes.

Dr Robie said as long as turkey tails and lamb flaps are available in shops people will buy them.

She says the government should also look into the cost of health foods and see how they can be made more affordable.

Dr Robie has also suggested that softdrink machines be removed from all school premises as the rate of soda consumption among children is alarming.