8 Nov 2010

NGO network concerned Indonesia misleading public over Papua torture case

4:49 pm on 8 November 2010

An Indonesian NGO network has voiced concern that the public is being misled about moves to bring soldiers who tortured Papuans to justice.

The trial of four soldiers began on Friday in Jayapura after assurances from the government and military that those appearing were involved in the May 30th torture of two Papuans depicted in a widely-circulated video.

But Friday's trial involved defendants in another torture case from March which involved soldiers torturing Papuans with milder methods than the genital burning in the May video.

Septer Manufandu of the FOKER NGO Forum in Papua says the government wants to show the international comunity it is dealing with the problem even though the soldiers are unlikely face punishment.

"We worry about impunity of our soldiers and we worry about the situation in the Highlands because, you know, it's a remote area and is closed to people from the outside."

Septer Manufandu