11 Nov 2010

New variety of Samoa taro being shipped to NZ

11:10 am on 11 November 2010

The village of Savaia, Lefaga in Samoa has become the first village to ship a container of new a variety of taro to New Zealand.

The shipment was approved by the New Zealand authorities.

The container of seven hundred sacks of the new taro left on a cargo ship from Apia bound for Auckland last night.

A farmer and one of the village chiefs, Tusani Samotu, told a local television village farmers are excited about the first shipment.

He says they look forward to continuing the new business venture so they can earn good money.

Some sacks of taro from Savaia Lefaga was included in the trial shipment taken to New Zealand recently before farmers from the same village have unanimously supported the initiative of the village council to export their crops overseas.

The village is looking for more markets in other countries such as Australia and the United States.