12 Nov 2010

Kiribati climate conference labelled a success

8:08 am on 12 November 2010

New Zealand's representative at the climate change talks in Kiribati has described the three-day conference as a success with it adopting the so-called Ambo Declaration.

New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China signed the Declaration, along with low-lying island nations like Kiribati, the Maldives and the Marshall Islands.

A senior climate change negotiator from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stephanie Lee, says the Declaration identifies a list of priorities for vulnerable nations, that can be addressed at the UN conference in Mexico next month.

Ms Lee says the Declaration states that different nations will have different needs out of the climate deal to be discussed in Cancun.

"This is looking at it and saying that, well you know not all developing countries are the same. And some have deep needs, deep challenges which they face. Climate change is going to hit them hard, its going to hit them early and they really have very little in the way of their own resources to deal with those challenges and it has drawn more attention onto those countries"

Stephanie Lee says countries which signed the Declaration also agreed that vulnerable nations will need to get easy access to the Copenhagen Green Fund to help them cope with climate change.