17 Nov 2010

Campaigning into its last 24 hours for Cook Islands general elections

11:23 am on 17 November 2010

Campaigning ahead of the general elections in the Cook Islands is into its last 24 hours.

The two major parties are the Cook Islands Party and the Democratic party, but a record number of 16 independents are also contesting the 24 seats in parliament.

Minor parties formed just prior to this elections are Te Kura O Te 'Au People's Movement and Party Tumu.

Only 9 of the seventy candidates are women.

The Electoral Officer, Taggy Tangimetua, no political messages can be delivered on voting day:

"The campaign ends at 6pm the day before the election and I think everyone understood. But the leaders of the party can make one final announcement the night before the election."

There are ten thousand people on the roll and that number includes voters studying overseas and those on off shore for medical reasons.

A binding referendum on whether the number of MPs should be reduced from 24 will be held at the same time as the election