2 Dec 2010

American Samoa govt calls on local to prevent spread of HIV/AIDs

12:06 pm on 2 December 2010

An American Samoa government office has called on all residents to do their part in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the territory.

The secretary of Samoan Affairs, Tufele Liamatua, who is also a traditional leader, says a collaborative effort by the community is the best preventive measure.

Tufele was the government's keynote speaker during a Sunday church service to remember those around the world who died from AIDS and as a prelude to World AIDS Day in the territory.

Tufele says the community must work together because the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS is not the responsibility of any one organization, or any one group.

Tufele says the prevention message should be carried out in homes, schools, churches and village settings.

He says while American Samoa has few people with the virus residents shouldn't let their guards down.