10 Dec 2010

Vanuatu Christian Council appeals against political involvement

6:33 pm on 10 December 2010

The Vanuatu Christian Council has made an appeal to the country's churches not to get involved in politics.

The council's chairperson, Pastor Osea Bani, says church leaders have an important role and responsibility in maintaining the stability and unity of Vanuatu by teaching people about spiritual values.

His comments follow a visit by the new Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, and his ministers to a Port Vila-based religious movement, Healing Water Ministry.

The ministry's founder, Reverend Jude Naru, told Mr Kilman the ousting of the former Prime Minister Edward Natapei, was God's plan.

Reverend Naru told Mr Kilman's delegation that a copy of the motion of no confidence that resulted in the ousting had been given to his organisation so it could pray for Mr Natapei's downfall.

In return, Mr Kilman presented Reverend Naru with two-thousand US dollars, the first time in Vanuatu's history that a politician's paid for assistance in the form of prayer.