15 Dec 2010

Nauru lengthens school day

4:13 pm on 15 December 2010

The Nauru government is extending the school day to raise achievement levels.

Nauru's primary and secondary students currently don't have classes in the afternoon meaning they spend one and a half hours less in the classroom than the Pacific average.

An education advisor, Joanna Crawford-Bryde, says the impact of this is reflected in poor results in national examinations and limited achievement compared with other areas.

"And you can fairly confidently draw a direct correlation between the limited hours we are having of schooling at the moment, so students currently compared to other places around the Pacific, we have approximately 20 percent less [time] per day, so for example, in ten years of schooling students in Nauru would actually only be getting eight years compared to students elsewhere."

Nauru's education advisor, Joanna Crawford-Bryde, says the longer hours will allow teachers to explore the curriculum in greater depth.

Schools will now teach through to 3pm each day.