15 Dec 2010

Fiji Pacific Sun job losses blamed on poor management decisions

4:14 pm on 15 December 2010

The union representing workers made redundant by Fiji's Pacific Sun airline says they're paying for poor management decisions.

Pacific Sun has announced 85 workers will be made redundant from the end of January as part of the company's restructuring plans.

The airline said it's lost almost 10 million US dollars since 2007 and continued losses are unsustainable.

Fiji's Transport Workers Union general secretary Kamlesh Kumar says everyone knew the company was making losses but workers should not have to lose their jobs because of it

"Pacific Sun which is the prime domestic carrier has been operating as a monopoly for the last couple of years. How come, I just can't understand why they haven't been making money. Now it's certainly the result of poor management decisions, poor business decisions, and now today the workers have to pay for it."

Kamlesh Kumar says his union is calling on Pacific Sun to have a change of heart and work with it to find alternative ways to absorb the workers into other organisations.