22 Dec 2010

CNMI lobbied to ban shark finning

4:07 pm on 22 December 2010

A senator from Hawaii has lobbied the Northern Marianas Governor to back a bill pending in the Senate to ban the sale and distribution of shark fins in the CNMI.

Senator Clayton Hee's bill to ban shark finning in Hawaii was signed into law in May.

Senator Hee met lawmakers and Governor Benigno Fitial in the CNMI on Monday to discuss the merits of the House bill.

Our correspondent in Saipan, Mark Rabago, says the Governor and many lawmakers have already indicated they support the legislation to protect not only sharks but also the marine eco-system.

"Governor Fitial came out and said he is supporting the bill which actually passed the CNMI House. And actually it passed the Senate with some revisions a month ago but they are just trying to ammend some wordings on the bill so I think it will be passed in the next few weeks."

Mark Rabago says shark fins are delicacy in the CNMI.