28 Dec 2010

Fiji Sugar Corporation makes changes at the top

7:13 am on 28 December 2010

The Fiji Sugar Corporation has made changes in the top personel as it struggles to keep its head above water.

The Corporation has accumulated significant amounts of debt and the mills are still under performing.

Philippa Tolley has more:

"The interim Government has allocated 66 million US dollars in the 2011 budget to help the sugar corporation pay off its debts and improve the operation of the mills. The permanent secretary for the Ministry of Sugar, Manasa Vaniqi, says they have also set aside nine and a half million US dollars to supply farmers with fertilizers and assist with a cane replanting programme. Manasa Vaniqi told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation the interim Prime Minister--who is also the Minister for Sugar--has approved the apointment of Abdul Khan as Executive Chairman from the beginning of next month. But the search for a new CEO for the Corporation has gone international - with experts from sugar producing countries being targetted. Manasa Vaniqi says the acting CEO, John Prasad, who is presently on leave in New Zealand, will not have his contract renewed. Mr Vaniqi stressed how important the sugar industry was to the nation saying Fiji couldn't survive without it."