31 Dec 2010

Plans to dislodge PNG government when parliament meets next month

11:27 am on 31 December 2010

A political commentator in Papua New Guinea says there is every likelihood of a vote of no confidence in the government when parliament meets on January the 11th.

This is despite a statement from the acting speaker, Francis Marus, that the only item on the agenda will be the election of a new governor general.

But political scientist, Dr Orovu Sepoe, says the growing divisions within the ruling National Alliance make a vote highly likely.

"And secondly because of dissatisfaction amongst other coalition parties who are not very happy because of moves within the cabinet, and usually in PNG politics ministerial portfolios say a lot about one's allegiance to a prime minister or not, so for those two reasons I think the likelihood of a vote of no confidence is quite high."

Meanwhile the Post Courier newspaper reports the Opposition's Sir Puka Temu saying they are ready to give notice of vote of no-confidence to the acting speaker.

The paper also reports that on current indications the government's opponents do not enough support for a vote to be successful.