11 Jan 2011

Fiji Rugby Union Board chairman steps aside

7:45 pm on 11 January 2011

The chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union Board has stepped aside following a special board meeting to discuss the interim government's demands that the entire board resign.

The resignation call followed the Commerce Commission's findings that the union had misused funds from its lottery sales.

Fiji Village news director Vijay Narayan has been following developments

"The chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union, Bill Gavoka, has stepped aside from the position as chairman, although he remains on the FRU Board and the interim chairman is now Rafaele Kasibulu. He's expected to lead dialogue with the government of the day to try to resolve differences that have arisen. Of course the main issue is in relation to the call by the Sports Minister Filipe Bole that government will only give the Fiji Rugby Union three million dollars for the Fiji team's Rugby World Cup preparation and participation if a new FRU administration comes in. We know that a new administration is not coming in, Gavoka has only stepped aside as chairman, still on the board."

Vijay Narayan says the new interim chairman has written to the Sports Minister requesting a meeting to resolve their differences for the best interests of rugby.