14 Jan 2011

Cook Islands cabinet to attend HIV awareness meeting

8:58 am on 14 January 2011

Members of the Cook Islands cabinet will attend an HIV awareness meeting next week, after meeting with the country's HIV committee.

The government had faced condemnation after health ministry officials sought legal advice about whether they could publicly identify the first person to test HIV positive in the country.

A cabinet meeting was held to address the diagnosis, and cabinet is now satisfied it has been appropriately dealt with.

Edwin Pitman, the CEO of the Prime Minister's office, says the Government will now work with civil society to loook at prevention, education and awareness.

"The HIV committee itself had done a lot of work in the last few months on this, and they informed Cabinet of that. They invited cabinet and caucus members to attend an HIV awareness session next week, at the Crwon Beach resort, and that was well recieved by Cabinet, and [it made] a commitment to attend."