25 Feb 2011

American Samoa warning siren tested

10:56 am on 25 February 2011

The long awaited siren warning system in American Samoa will be tested today in the Bay Area, and is expected to last between five to 10 minutes.

At the same time, work will continue for the installation of other poles for the system on the rest of the main island of Tutuila and later in Manu'a.

The Territorial Emergency Management Coordinating Officemanager Vinnie Atofau says the siren warning system have so far been installed from the villages of Pago Pago to Faganeanea.

Atofau says testing begins with a tone followed by voice messages in Samoan and English including the word "test".

Complete installation of the warning system, which includes six sirens on Manu'a and one on Aunu'u is expected to be completed by May this year.

A siren for Swains Island is planned for a later time.