1 Mar 2011

American Samoa visitor numbers drop

2:07 pm on 1 March 2011

Visitor arrivals in American Samoa were down for the year ending December 2010.

The Visitor's Bureau says numbers dropped to 29,060, down 1,645 on the year before.

Its executive director, David Vaeafe, says more effort is needed to make it easier for visitors to travel to Pago Pago.

Already he says they've secured 12 cruise ship visits this year, attendance at more tourism trade shows, and they've launched package travel deals on the back of Samoa Tourism.

"These are sold as an excursion for those visitors coming to Samoa for their holiday, as an excursion to come over to American Samoa for three days. And that's a marketing ploy for the markets out of Australia and New Zealand, that American Samoa will be an add on to Samoa."

David Vaeafe