5 Mar 2011

FRU board to be debated at Special General Meeting

12:21 pm on 5 March 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union will hold a Special General Meeting today with a number of unions expected to move a vote of no confidence in the current board.

The Suva Rugby Union, with support from other provinces, requested the meeting in late February to discuss the motion.

The current board, led by Rafaele Kasibulu, had intended to resign in January before the International Rugby Board intervened.

The board agreed to stay on until the Annual General Meeting in April so Mr Kasibulu says this latest development has come as a bit of a suprise.

"We thought that when IRB and government came to an agreement - we thought that they would do away with what they were trying to push through but, however, they still, we didn't know that they still wanted to go ahead with the removal of the board of directors. First of all they have to get the numbers eh."

Rafaele Kasibulu says any changes to the board will be messy and the resulting administration will still have to be re-elected at the AGM.