23 Mar 2011

French Polynesian assembly member changes his mind

10:36 am on 23 March 2011

A French Polynesian assembly member, Benoit Kautai, has reversed his stance on the opposition's call to support a bid to have French Polynesia re-inscribed on the UN list of territories to be decolonised.

Earlier this month, an apparent plan to lodge a motion of no confidence was abandoned when Mr Kautai pulled out of the coalition which wants its members pledge support for the decolonisation move.

His support was seen as crucial to give the pro-independence opposition a majority.

In a statement, Mr Kautai now says he is no longer opposed to get onto the UN list, adding that being on the list doesn't mean the territory will have to be come fully independent from France.

This comes as the government has the backing of only nine of the assembly's 57 members.