24 Mar 2011

PNG's Barramundi's looking for for step up in Dubai

12:17 pm on 24 March 2011

Papua New Guinea's cricket coach, Andy Bichel, says his team will need to lift their standards at next month's World Cricket League 2 tournament in Dubai.

PNG will be competing against Uganda, Bermuda, the United Arab Emirates, Namibia and Hong Kong at the event.

Bichel - a former Australian international - says with every small step on the cricketing ladder, the opposition gets better - and they'll have to follow suit.

"You know teams are batting their 50 overs consistently. They're probably a little bit - the batsmen are a little bit more correct. That's one of the things that you see as the level gets higher. There's one or two bowlers here and there that start to shine but generally the bowlings pretty good anyway, so, you know, that's something I haven't seen too much but one thing that does stand out is the batting improves."

The Barrumundi's will assemble in Brisbane next week for a few days before flying to Singapore for some warm-up matches.