31 Mar 2011

Budget to precede any Solomons no confidence vote

4:11 pm on 31 March 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition has signalled it will support the government's budget before proceeding with its motion of no confidence.

The opposition lodged a motion of no confidence in Danny Philip's coalition yesterday.

It comes as the budget is being debated in parliament.

The opposition's new leader Derek Sikua has told local media he does not want to disrupt the passing of the budget as it would cause a constitutional crisis.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says it's surprising the motion has been lodged when the opposition does not appear to have the numbers.

But she says Dr Sikua's told the public their curiosity will be satisfied in seven or eight days.

"There's no rumour floating around but there's a lot of suspicion by the public that some of his members who did go across to government might not be genuine or are only there because of the budget. These are the issues that a lot of Solomon Islanders are questioning and thinking that maybe one of the main reasons a lot of them crossed the floor because they want to support the budget and get it through."

Dorothy Wickham says the Prime Minister will look to ensure he has the numbers when he returns from the MSG Summit in Fiji.