14 Apr 2011

Hawaii researchers cannot predict size of debris to arrive after Japan tsunami

3:23 pm on 14 April 2011

Researchers at the University of Hawaii say they cannot predict the exact size or quantity of debris from the Japanese tsunami which is expected to reach Hawaii.

They say a huge amount of debris is moving across the Pacific Ocean and could hit the shores of Hawaii in two years and another lot in five years.

A scientific programmer at the University, Dr Jan Hafner says scientific models are being used to measure the size and movement of the debris but says it would be hard to be precise.

"Based on the aerial photographs you can see the whole houses floating, you can see the cars, you can see almost everything. Obviously some of the stuff will break down like the house probably will not survive the journey. But I would say people could expect different type of debris, for instance pieces of furniture, or pieces of appliances."

Dr Jan Hafner from the University of Hawaii.