20 Apr 2011

US senators' snub fuels Guam self-determination debate

1:37 pm on 20 April 2011

A spokesperson for the Governor of Guam says elected leaders in the territory believe the secret visit of a contingent of US senators has highlighted the need for a vote on self-determination.

Governor Eddie Calvo says 15 US senators snubbed the territory, by failing to inform him of their fuel stopover or meet local representatives on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Governor says Guamanians rely on US senators to make decisions that affect them even though they don't have representation in the senate.

Phillip Leon Guerrero says it was an affront that the senators failed to take the chance to hear about the issues that are important to the territory.

"The Governor and other elected officials have basically remarked that this snub just underscores the importance that we need to move forward and hold a plebiscite so we can realise our full political destiny."

Phillip Leon Guerrero says such a vote would determine whether Guamanians favour full union, partial union, or full independence from the United States.