28 Apr 2011

Rohfritsch relinquishes French Polynesia politics

1:20 pm on 28 April 2011

French Polynesia's former economic reconversion minister, Teva Rohfritsch, has resigned from the assembly, saying he will pursue a career in the private sector.

Mr Rohfritsch was sacked as minister by Gaston Tong Sang in March while attending an international conference in New Caledonia.

After last month's fall of the government, Mr Rohfritch was to be returned to his assembly seat in June but he has told a news conference in Tahiti that he won't come back.

He says the seat belongs to the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party on whose list he was elected three years ago but from which he resigned in 2009 to stay on as government minister.

After his sacking last month, Mr Rohfritsch launched a citizens' movement to express his frustation at the political impasse and urging for a way out of the

economic crisis.