5 May 2011

Pacific media express interest in new alliance

8:14 am on 5 May 2011

Members of the media from across the Pacific region have expressed interest in creating a new alliance to strengthen ties between media in the region.

A number of Pacific media bodies are in Samoa for a conference coinciding with World Press Freedom Day, where discussions have focussed on greater collaboration.

A Pacific media co-ordinator, Lisa Williams-Lahari says there has been support in forming a new Pacific media alliance, separate from existing media networks.

"An alliance that would not duplicate in any way what these regional networks are doing, but just provides them with a bit more of a platform of sorts, to pitch the kind of messaging where they agree on common areas of interest; activities that they might want to collaborate on, and pitch and pull resources on."

Lisa Williams-Lahari says other suggestions from the conference include the formation of a regional media complaints council and a regional code of ethics.