10 May 2011

Solomon Islands land dispute resolution to be overhauled

7:12 am on 10 May 2011

The Solomon Islands' current system for resolving land disputes is to be overhauled.

It's one of the outcomes from a national seminar held last week by the government's Customary Land Reform Unit.

A consultant with the unit, Andrew Nori, says it is clear that landowners want a less formal alternative to the current court-dominated system for dispute resolution:

"At the moment the land courts that deal with land disputes are not really performing to the satisfaction of many Solomon Islanders. So they want the government to re-look at new regimes, new systems of dispute resolution, perhaps vesting the power at the community level instead of bringing land disputes to the national court system."

Andrew Nori.

Other resolutions from the seminar which the government is taking up are a comprehensive land recording programme and a codification of custom rules around land.