11 May 2011

Concerns in Fiji over recent leptospirosis deaths

8:34 am on 11 May 2011

The increasing leptospirosis fatality count in Fiji has alarmed health officials who are calling on all to take proper precautions.

FijiLive online reports the call was made after the Ministry of Health reported another three deaths last week.

The Ministry has confirmed that altogether seven people have died so far at Lautoka Hospital due to the influx of the disease.

It states the total number of people affected by leptospirosis now stands at 45 compared to 42 last week.

The Health Ministry spokesman, Peni Namotu, says it seem people are not taking heed of the directives issued by the Ministry of Health.

He says leptospirosis is caused by a number of bacteria called leptospira that is found in domestic animals.

Mr Namotu says it can be contacted through skin contact and consumption of contaminated food and water infected by the urine of animals.

He has advised people to cover cuts with water proof covering and to always wash their hands after contact with any outdoor animal.

Meanwhile, a total of 35 people were affected by Leptospirosis last year.