18 May 2011

Fiji fugitive's wife taken in for questioning by military

9:35 pm on 18 May 2011

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara says his wife was briefly detained by Fiji's military for questioning about his recent departure to Tonga.

Colonel Mara is in Nukualofa where he is being hosted by the Tongan royal family after being rescued at sea by the Tongan navy.

Fiji authorities are seeking his extradition for skipping bail which he had been granted after being charged with sedition last month.

Ratu Tevita's wife was detained at the military barracks after he had rung her and asked her to send him some clothes.

"Because I only came with the clothes that I had. They somehow confiscated the bag down at Nadi airport and they took her in to question her on how and why she was sending the suitcase of clothes to me. And they also took in a cousin of hers, a female who works for a courier company who they would send the bags through."

Ratu Tevita says the military released his wife but told her that they'd come back for her later, while the cousin remains locked up.

He says his wife was emotionally shaken after being detained because Queen Elizabeth Barracks is known as a place where detainees can be tortured.