23 May 2011

Kilman says early election still option to tackle Vanuatu instability

1:35 pm on 23 May 2011

Vanuatu's prime minister, Sato Kilman, says his government is still considering whether to ask the President to dissolve parliament and allow an early election.

This is despite Mr Kilman withstanding a vote of no confidence last Friday.

In an extra-ordinary session of parliament Mr Kilman got the support of 27 of parliament's 52 MPs.

That vote came after an earlier no confidence vote that had removed Mr Kilman as prime minister, had been ruled unconstitutional.

Mr Kilman has said he plans to seek the backing of more members of the opposition to strengthen his position, but he's still looking at the possibility of dissolving parliament.

The two most recent changes of government over votes of no confidence had cost taxpayers more than five million US dollars.