27 May 2011

Starkist calling on American Samoa to give them more incentives to stay

7:36 am on 27 May 2011

The chairman of Dongwon Corporation, the owners of StarKist Samoa, has expressed serious concerns about the lack of freezer storage space in American Samoa.

Kim Jae Chul made known his concerns at a meeting with the territory's US Congressman, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, in Seoul in South Korea.

The congressman says Mr Kim has always maintained the company is committed to American Samoa for the long-term provided the territory helps StarKist remain competitive.

Faleomavaega says part of being competitive means providing adequate freezer space.

The congressman says he hopes the government will act swiftly to resolve the matter.

Mr Kim has also criticised the high costs of energy, saying the company is paying much more for electricity than it would in Thailand.

Faleomavaega says StarKist should also get the same incentives, or better, than those being offered to its new competitor, Tri-Marine.