27 May 2011

Transport companies in Port Moresby angry at police ban on key road

9:59 am on 27 May 2011

Major players in Papua New Guinea's transportation industry are meeting tomorrow to discuss alternatives to police plans for a ban on heavy trucking activities along the Poreporena freeway.

The freeway is a vital route to the wharf in the capital Port Moresby but police say a series of fatal accidents on the steep stretch of road in the last two years has shown it's unsafe for trucks.

The manager of transportation company Hi Lift, Mathew Chang, has called the police plan a knee-jerk reaction.

He says the alternative routes that trucks will be forced to take pose a greater safety risk which'll have a major negative impact on his business.

"None are really viable, either from a feasibility perspective for our own economical viability or even from a safety perspective because the options they're looking at are actually pushing the vehicles back through more residentially based areas, so it means that there are residential settlements along side the road, so certainly if you had an accident like we had the other day it would result in, we would imagine, far greater loss of life, really, and property damage."