8 Jun 2011

Massachusetts company advises American Samoa shipyard

3:21 pm on 8 June 2011

The company which installed the railway at the American Samoa government shipyard at Satala, Crandall of Massachusetts, is sending a team to Pago Pago to advise the Shipyard Services Authority on an upgrade of the facility.

The shipyard is now back under government ownership after more than 20 years on lease to a private company.

The vice chairman of the Authority's board, David Robinson, says they plan to upgrade the railway from a 3 thousand tonne to a four thousand tonne slipway to accommodate larger purse seiners.

Crandall will also advise the authority on a floor plan for the shipyard.

17 of the 23 former employees of MYD Samoa, the company which had been leasing the facility, have been re-hired.